Johnny’s flamboyant stage presence & thumpin’ base is a featured component of the dyFUNKsion formula! There aren’t many bass players like Johnny – see for yourself!

Connie is your typical Type A personality, but when she puts her dancin’ shoes on, she’s all about having fun!  Not only is she the brains behind the band, but she’s got a set of pipes that don’t disappoint!

As the keyboardist, Paul has the hardest job in the band!  He has been teaching music for years – now he’s schoolin’ dysFUNKsion!                         This New Yorker has got it goin’ on!

You will be mesmerized by Des’s sultry smoky voice and powerful delivery!    After many years of performing in New York, Des has brought her talents to the desert, and boy aren’t we glad she did!

Another Henderson? This brother from another mother, adds an element of percussive funk that has completed our circle! Pat has been playing for years and when you hear his style –  you will know why we just had to grab him up!

Brother Mike has been a desert favorite for years!   There isn’t anything that Mikie can’t play!   From his rhythmic backs to his blazing leads – you will see why he is our guy!

Eddie Gee is another long-time desert favorite. His experience is deep and broad, and his funk experience includes being the opening act for Kool & the Gang!   Eddie brings style, skill & swag to dysFUNKsion and we are delighted to have found him!